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On 30 June 2013, the Standard Chartered KL Marathon (SCKLM) will welcome a record 33,000 runners at Dataran Merdeka. In the midst of this overwhelming number of participants, this year's SCKLM will hold special meaning for 24 passionate and dedicated young men and women who are selflessly giving themselves to run for a cause. And that cause is STROKE. 

15 of these runners have undertaken to complete a grueling 42km and another 7 have undertaken to complete an equally challenging 21km for the National Stroke Association of Malaysia (NASAM). This group of runners aim to raise RM10,000 through this campaign as their show of support and tribute to the many stroke survivors out there. Their resounding message in this run is this – Yes! There Is Life After Stroke! 

A few of these runners are no stranger to the cause for stroke – one of the participants is a two-time stroke survivor who has recovered to run in an ultra marathon of 100km within a year of recovery. Others have had family members or friends who have personally been afflicted with stroke. A few more are running their first ever marathons, and yet they are determined to finish the race and they have chosen to run for a cause that is very close to their hearts.  Everyone has a personal moving story as to why they choose to be part of RUN FOR NASAM 2013. Everyone is inspired to run.

Stroke, a non-communicable condition, attacks 15 million people worldwide every year. In Malaysia:

  • Over 50, 000 new cases are reported every year 
  • Stroke has now emerged as the third largest killer in Malaysia after heart diseases and cancer, second in the world
  • Stroke remains the main cause of severe disability
  • 1 in 6 people will have a stroke in their lifetime, and every six seconds, someone somewhere, regardless of age or gender will die of stroke
  • Stroke is preventable and can be managed in the long-term 
  • About 30 million people have had a stroke - many live with residual disabilities

We in turn are inspired by each one of you. NASAM is grateful to the entire Team 2ndskin who has come out in full force in support of their team mate, Roy Yeow and, to the other 11 dedicated runners who complete this campaign. RUN FOR NASAM will not be possible without each and everyone of you.

Our Campaign
24 runners, 24 real life personal stories as to why this campaign is so close to their hearts. We want to pay tribute to them by sharing their stories and inspiration on this page.

1. Vincent Khor
‘Just would like to take this opportunity to raise awareness about stroke and also to let our beloved friends starting a new life to know that they are not alone in their walk. We are here for them! The world still can be as beautiful as how they want it to be. And there are still many people who love, care, support and understand. A new life starts with small little step. Be encouraged!'
2. Fong Chong Yit
‘Stroke robbed my friend's mother of her normal life. Through rehabilitation, NASAM has slowly restored her normal life and confidence back. I am running the full marathon in SCKLM 2013 to create awareness that stroke survivors can regain control of their lives by having proper treatment. YES to a NEW LIFE after stroke!!!'
3. Ivy Chai
‘I truly believe that all stroke survivors deserve a chance to treatment and be given a new life after stroke. Just as running has brought me both joy and pain, it was the pain that brought me greater determination and motivation in life. Please join me in saying Yes to a NEW LIFE after stroke in my run at SCKLM 2013.'
4. Jason Tan
‘Running to me is a joyful gift from God and everyday I'm grateful that I can keep on running. This year I'm going the distance at SCKLM 2013 for stroke awareness – for people who could not run for themselves today. You and all of us, together, we can give stroke victims a second chance at life!'
5. Upcoming Run Tee
‘It takes courage to pick yourself up after tragedy. Let's support those who dare, there is life after stroke.'
6. Henry Wong
‘Whenever opportunity arises, I am prepared to give back to the society. In conjunction with SCKLM, running full marathon with a cause for NASAM will be my first experience in group effort. Please help NASAM to give stroke patient a better tomorrow.'
7. Koo Chi Kien
‘Every 2 seconds, someone in the world suffers a stroke". I believe there is life after stroke. With a strong will for recovery and given the proper treatment, any stroke survivor would restore normal life. YES to a NEW LIFE after stroke.'
8. Joshua Tan
‘SCKL will be my first half marathon and I will also take the opportunity to do my part to increase awareness for stroke prevention.'
9. Ooi Ui Cheau
‘We are born with the right to breath fresh air, explore surrounding via our senses, able to move around freely, the basic right not to deprive off. But incidence happened, there are those who are unfortunate, while they are getting back on their feet, we should be there to give unconditional support to them. I'm taking part in this event to show my moral support to them while with effort of the team to raise awareness on stroke.'
10. Ng Yen Kar (Team Leader)
‘Stroke was seen far from me until it came to my direct family member. Everyone in the family experienced a change of lifestyle to accommodate the long term impact. The worries kicked in due to lack of understanding of the disease at the beginning. While slowly building up the understanding and tuning into recovery mood with the change of family lifestyle, NASAM has become one of the key contributor in helping us, physically, mentally and socially throughout the process.

We embrace the contribution of NASAM to the society. We hope that our little effort to run a marathon will help to create awareness of Stroke and generate some funding for NASAM. Together, we build a society with care.'
11. CP Tan
"I hope to raise awareness about STROKE through this meaningful campaign. I support NASM's mission to inform public that there is Life After Stroke through proper rehabilitation and to promote the concept of stroke prevention. I believe each and every contribution, no matter how small, has a life-changing effect. Thank you all for your support."
12. Aileen Har Mei-Li
"Stroke is not the end of life - start living"
My father in law had a stroke about 10 years ago and it was a life-changing event for the whole family. Stroke is a lifestyle disease and much can be done to prevent it including early detection and lifestyle change. Being involved and coping with a stroke survivor allows me to appreciate things a bit better and hoping that my father-in-law's experience of recovering will provide inspiration to many other victims for recovery - and most importantly, how family members can help and be supportive as well.
13. Joline Tang
‘Stroke survivors are proof that there is life after tragedy. I'm running my first full marathon in the Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur Marathon 2013 for my mum, stroke survivors and as a reminder to not let live get you down!"

There is life, after tragedy.

Looking at my mum now, you would not be able to tell that she is a stroke survivor. She walks and talks just like anyone else. In fact, it takes a lot to get her to stop talking. Well, on certain nights, she would feel an odd cold tingling sensation in her left leg and she would sometimes lament that her left ear does not work as well as her right. However, that does not slow her down and she lives like there is no tomorrow.

22 years ago, late one night, my mum collapsed during a business meeting. Her client called the ambulance and she was taken to the hospital. At home, my dad was called and he rushed to the hospital. Mum in the hospital and dad driving in the car, they were both in extreme fear and anguish. I was twelve and my sisters, 10 and 7 years old waited at home. The next morning, my dad got home and tried his best to explain the situation to us. Nothing really clicked yet; however, we could feel that something serious was up.

My mum was in the hospital for about a week, before my dad brought her home. She looked like my mum, sounded like my mum but something was amiss. The stroke affected the left side of her body and she was partially paralysed. Face lopsided and slurring, she drooled uncontrollably.

High blood pressure which ran in my mum's family caused her to collapse that day. She was only 37 years old. Well, in addition to her family medical history, her diet was the typical Malaysian diet (so, not that great) and she didn't really exercise. The only exercise she got was running in and out of meetings. However, this was a high price to pay for being a workaholic. Blaming no one, she took it in stride. She stayed in bed for a week before she got hold of a chair to prop herself up. By the next week, she was "walking" around the house with the help of the chair; soon my dad got her a walking stick. She took to it like it was a fashion accessory. By the fourth week after being discharged from the hospital, she decided to go back to work.

During her recovery and while going to work, my mum lost countless shoes – only the left side – because she couldn't really feel her left leg. My sisters and I took to walking behind her, to pick up her stray and wandering left shoe.

It was years before, she felt normal again – or what may be considered as closest to normal. She survived. We survived as a family. It was a lonely and difficult journey. We were surrounded by family and friends, who tried to provide comfort and support. However, we really needed a group who understood the real pains and difficulties of a stroke patient. We really needed the expertise and emotional support of a group who really understood the needs of a stroke patient.

NASAM was birthed after my mum's stroke, but she is glad that there is now a real support system for those who suffer from stroke. She is glad that there is a group who can promote and help prevent potential stroke from happening to high risk individuals.

She hopes that no one has to suffer like she did; she hopes that no one has to endure the hopelessness felt by the many fellow stroke patients. She applauds for those who have risen from their struggle; she applauds for those who have given of their time, money and effort to help those in need.

This is an appeal for your help.
Have you been directly affected by stroke?
Do you have a parent or sibling whose life has been affected by stroke?
Do you have a friend or friends whose lives have been affected by stroke?
Do you know of an acquaintance whose life has been affected by stroke?
Please take a minute, now, to think about them.

Please, now, take the next step, to help keep the work of NASAM alive.
Go to the donate button on this campaign page and click and donate generously.
Please share this note with your friends and add on a personal note of your own.

Thank you, you have just played a huge part in making the lives of many people much better.'
From left - (14)Lim Ee-Van, (15)Annie Yee, (16)Steven Yip, (17)Chan Jun Shen, (18)Eugene Teoh, (19)Roy Yeow,
(20)Jason Hue, (21)Michael Tan, (22)Tan Boon Keat, (23)Wendy Lim, (24)Elvin Tan (Not in picture)
Roy Yeow (Team Leader – Team 2ndskin)
‘Being a two-time stroke survivor, NASAM is close to my heart and having recovered to run a 100km ultra marathon within a year, I am here to support the notion that there is indeed life after stroke. With the right support and care, anything is possible.'

From Team 2ndskin
‘We are all proud to be a part of this campaign. Roy is an integral part of our team and knowing how much this means to him, it means a lot to all of us as well. Most of us have or know of someone who has been afflicted by stroke, and we are all doing our part to raise awareness to the general community that stroke is something that is manageable and that there are people to whom you can turn to for support.'


Please support them by donating generously to this campaign and help them raise RM10,000 for a worthy cause. RUN FOR NASAM is also looking to recruit more runners to run for this cause in next year's SCKLM. Please register your interest now by dropping us a line at - we welcome many more of you to join us in this yearly run.

Target Amount - RM10,000
Campaign Duration - 3 June 2013 to 7 July 2013



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