Posted on: Wednesday 06/03/2013

Giving is a gesture that we apply in our daily lives, be it giving money or toys to our children or giving food and gifts to our family and friends. However, bear in mind that giving is not just limited to the material things that we do touch and see, it travels beyond the material world. Giving Love is one of the most important aspect and privilege that we as humans have within us but rarely put it to its full potential. The true meaning of "Giving" is felt within us when we do give unconditionally without any expectations in return. When you are able to put a smile on somebody's face without any expectation, at that very moment like a strike of lightening you will feel the satisfaction and joy of giving.

PeopleGiving was established with this very intention to create a platform to allow you to give and share with those who are in need, be it in the form of monetary or material items as well as in terms of volunteering your service and showing your support and unconditional love. A smile may just be a smile to you, but a simple smile represents love, care and happiness to a person facing the many challenges of the world. Hence, do take this opportunity to use this platform to put a smile on the faces of those around you by participating in the programs that are launched here at PeopleGiving.

With PeopleGiving, every individual is empowered to raise fund for a non-profit organisation in causes that they care about. PeopleGiving is dedicated in doing our part in giving back to society. We do not charge any fees to fundraiser and charity partners. All donations are channeled to the fundraiser's choice of non-profit organisation.

People's giving was launched in Oct 2012 in Facebook and within 4 months we had a total contributions amounting to MYR35,351 channeled to various non-profit organisations and charity homes. Below are summary of the activities that were launched since our launch date:

  1. PeopleGiving is collaborating with The Star's Do Good Volunteer
    The objective of this program was to makeover 10 charity homes, on 6-Oct-2012. The 10 teams raised the additional funds needed for this makeover through PeopleGiving to purchase much needed items for the homes such as washing machine, TV, shower systems, gas cooker and school uniforms.

  2. The Courageous 13 and Jordan Ong
    Thirteen (13) stroke survivors from the National Stroke Association of Malaysia (NASAM – PJ Centre) have undertaken to complete a 2.5km walk at the NASAM's Walk For Health 2012, held at Taman Tasik Titiwangsa on Sunday, 28th October 2012. Collectively, they raised a total contribution of MYR 3,040 which was 203% more they their targeted amount.

    The youngest participant of the day was 7-year-old Jordan Ong, who had pledged to raise MYR 5,000 through this campaign via PeopleGiving. Even as he blew the candles on his 6th birthday cake, Jordan had had four heart surgeries since he was diagnosed with hypoplastic left heart syndrome. Unfortunately, his last surgery brought on a stroke that left him with limited physical mobility to one side of his body. Looking at him bouncing around with much joy and spirited disposition, it was hard to imagine that this was someone who had gone through so much hardship from a young age. His campaign exceeded the MYR 5,000 target with a donation to date of MYR 5,180.

    What made the event more successful was the support of the general public who were present on that day, to walk along with the stroke survivors as well as to show they support and love. This was indeed a memorable event not just for the people but as well as the stroke survivors.

  3. "People Giving" Photo contest 2012
    PeopleGiving has been promoting a "giving" mentality and we emphasize on giving in a non-monetary form. This is because we strongly believe that while not everyone has the financial means, everyone is blessed with talent, passion, determination and love to share with the world. In this spirit, we launched the "People Giving" photo contest 2012 on 26th Nov-2012.

    A Picture paints a thousand words, and the ability to deliver a message of "People Giving" and at the same time provide a channel for those with good photography skills to contribute, was the aim of this contest. This was no ordinary photo contest, since the main goal of contestants was not to compete for a prize. It was created for a bigger purpose in mind; all photos submitted were printed and posted to an orphanage in Cambodia (Enfant De La Riziere Orphanage)as a Christmas and New Year gift to the children.

    Photos are a real treat for these children, as it can be used as educational material or to decorate the children's classrooms. It is something that will remain special to these children as they start off the New Year in 2013 with hope and inspiration.


PeopleGiving would like to take this opportunity to thank all the sponsors and contributors who have played a part in contributing in our programs. We truly appreciate it. Our sincere gratitude to each and every one of you.

Thank You for your Support,
Thank You for your Contribution,
Thank You for your Time,
Thank You for your Feedbacks and Guidance,
Thank You for your Unconditional Love,
Thank You for being YOU.

We look forward to working with you again. Please do stay tune with us for further updates on our future projects.

Last but not least, "Let's work together to put a smile on the faces of those around us".


By Deepti Pall
(Volunteer of PeopleGiving)

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